5 Ways to Get More...

More appointments, more money, more experience! Being a Cribcut Corporate Stylist or Barber gives you an edge on maximizing your time and income - one corporate partnership at a time.

So, you're at a partnership visit and want more appointments... what can you do?

1. Ask for a Referral

You have a walking, talking billboard of your work sitting in your chair - and they're thrilled with their new 'do'. Ask them to spread the word with their colleagues that you're an amazing artist and still have a few appointment times available today.

2. Inform Your Client of Referral Bonuses

We all love free or discounted things - which is why Cribcut offers an incentive for clients to share the wealth of hair services:

A $20 credit is given to a new client who has been referred by a friend (or colleague, or family member). When that new client books an appointment, the person who referred him/her will receive a $10 credit to his/her account.

If your client refers 3 people, their next service is essentially free!

3. Be Present and Friendly

Say 'hello' to those walking by - make eye contact and draw people in to chat; it may just turn into an appointment! Remember - you are a new stylist to these people and you must audition for the part of being their new stylist. A good first impression is a great way to start!

Avoid sitting on your phone - this can give the impression that you're unapproachable or don't want to be there.

Pro Tip:
If you have some time in between appointments, take the time to be and look busy by cleaning your tools or cleaning up any hair on the floor or furniture.

4. Get That Prebook!

Want more clients consistently? Ask your clients to prebook their next appointment with you online - the next date is available for them to book. Ask your new clients to prebook as well! This will save you some hustling at your next visit.

Is this a trial visit? Get your clients to champion for on-going visits. They love you and want you back - let the clients express their love by letting their contact know.

5. It's All About the Experience!

Imagine - you walk into the room to get your hair done and there's music playing, the stylist is friendly and welcoming, and you're offered a phone charge. That's pretty cool, right? The experience is a big factor in what brings them back - yes, you're awesome at hair, but an amazing experience will be the icing on top of the cake.

Pro Tips:

  • Play soft, work appropriate music on a wireless speaker
  • Offer to charge their phone while they get their hair cut
  • You want the client to be on their phone - this is a great way to transition them for that prebook-ask.
  • Respect their time. They are here for their convenience (either on a lunch break or just a break during their day). If they want to work on their phone or laptop - encourge them that it is 100% ok and avoid disrupting them. Keep appointments to 30 minutes