Announcing the Cribcut Blog!

Since we’ve just launched our brand-new website, I thought there would be no better time than now to write our first blog post to explain how Cribcut came to be, what we stand for, and where we are today as a company.

Why Cribcut?

I’m certainly not a hairstylist, and barring any life-changing events, I’ll probably never take up hair as a profession. But I was a frustrated client who wanted a better way to get my haircut. Whether it was long waits at the barbershop, having to pull cash from a bank machine prior to my visits, or the inconvenient hours, I wanted a better way to accomplish my bi-weekly ritual. So I thought: What if my hairstylist came to me?

As a longtime entrepreneur, I set out to build a company based on these frustrations. It would be magical! Imagine having your barber or stylist come to your home or office for a haircut! Clients would love it! And I was right; clients certainly do love it.

But after spending a few months working on Cribcut and learning more about how the hair industry works, I realized it wasn’t the clients we were fighting to serve—it was the hairstylists.

Courtney with one of her clients, Allie.

Serving Both Clients and Stylists

My partner in crime and lead executive stylist of Cribcut, Courtney Whynott, joined the team in April of 2017. With her, she brought industry experience and a point of view that I had originally overlooked: Stylists are frustrated with the industry’s status quo.

With Courtney’s professional guidance, I started to delve deeper into the systemic problems that hairstylists are facing and had more than 100 conversations with stylists across Canada and the U.S. I learned that some of their biggest pain points are problems that Cribcut is set up beautifully to solve, such as:

  • High commission split and expensive chair rental fees
  • Lack of independence and scheduling flexibility
  • Salon drama (Just read our Facebook page, it’s even trickled out over there!)
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining new clients

Most importantly, I learned one core truth as we built our business: Clients are loyal to a particular stylist, not a brand.

So why should you as a stylist be giving up half your revenue to the salon owner? Clients will follow you wherever you go, even on the road. We’ve proven this with Cribcut and now have a model built to help stylists achieve their life goals and give them the freedom, flexibility, and profitability they deserve.

Naysayers might bring up issues such as stylists’ safety, lack of equipment at clients’ houses, and more. But we’re tackling each of these issues head on. We provide our stylists with the upfront equipment needed as well as recommendations on the top mobile equipment available, all tested in-house by us first. We’ve built safety features directly into our software, like GPS check-in and check-out and a client rating system. And we’re developing world-class education on how any stylist, anywhere, can succeed in running their own independent mobile business, all with Cribcut supporting them through the entire journey.

We’re building an entire platform to not only make haircuts more convenient for clients but also to give stylists the lives they want and deserve.

DSC_9557--1--1Cribcut mobile stylists Courtney, Meaghan, and Sherry, all based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Fulfilling Our Mission, One Mobile Stylist at a Time

Cribcut’s mission is to empower hairstylists to run their own successful independent mobile hair businesses. We’re by your side every step of the way with a simple, user-friendly platform that allows you to focus on doing what you love best: making your clients feel beautiful and happy.

With Cribcut by your side, you can grow your independent hairstyling business without worrying about the common salon problems or the challenges that so often plague small business owners:

  • How do I run my own independent business?
  • How do I build my clientele?
  • How do I build my own brand?
  • How do I stay on top of my taxes/finances?
  • How do I explain to my friends and family that I'm leaving my "cushy" job?
  • How do I manage my time, schedule, and prices?
  • How do I overcome the doubt of going out on my own?
  • How do I build an asset that I can later sell?
  • What tools do I use to make all of this easy?

These are significant obstacles for any business owner, but Cribcut will help you with every single one of them. From initial start-up to ongoing growth and outreach, we’re here to provide the professional support our stylists need.

We’ve recently closed our first round of funding from some amazing investors to help execute our vision. We’re also so excited and grateful to be working with our first group of stylist partners. Our job is to make each stylist who joins Cribcut a massive success story—and we promise to fight, claw, and scratch for each and every one of you.

If you’re interested in becoming a Cribcut stylist, shoot me an email. I look forward to meeting you.

David Howe
Founder & CEO, Cribcut