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BFF MFEO (the new model for client retention)

Things change.

Life changes. Word popularity and interpretations change. What else changes?! Hairstyles—defining moments—your complete sense of style? Are you potentially now squirming at the thought of a social media post you pray your family never makes a viralicious meme?? — (as you can see below, my siblings have talent!)


So with this fear now out in the open and coming to terms with change — what about what you can control? What about... what you can choose to keep the same? Do you ever stop to consider that there is a choice? You can choose to keep things! Right now hubbub says, “Spring cleaning!” “Get rid!” “Spark joy!” — but did you know at the center of Marie Kondo’s Tidying up! she says, “Choose what you keep.” Okay, what to keep??? How about #sayyestogreathair ?! Cribcut is working to help stylist/client interaction be simple and straightforward — keeping your hair #onpoint ; make your clients hairlife one less worry in their “to-do” list by emitting a beacon of BFF MFEO, as their personal mobile stylist. Because as hairstylists, we LOVE our people and by helping them shine with each of our own unique levels of sheen: we can work cohesively while continuously expanding, flourishing with the electricity of the empowerment in embracing our individuality and M A K I N G CHOICES.

Choosing what we want to keep

“The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one’s hand and ask, 'Does this spark joy?'”
-- Marie Kondo


In my last blog (The Art of the 5-Star Rating) I covered the five keys to getting, and keeping, a perfect 5-star rating. At Cribcut, it seems like every decision and feature is supported by data and analytics, but here’s advice I can give you from my gut: If you are consistently awesome and professional, you will keep your clients. Here is what awesome and professional look like at a glance

  1. Communicate (before and during the appointment)
  2. Be Friendly
  3. Be On Time
  4. Clean Up
  5. Do Great Hair

Now, getting back to the data from the Stylist Success team at Cribcut:

-- Only 35% of Cribcut clients leave a rating for their stylist if the stylist does not actively ask them to leave a rating.
-- Over 60% of clients who are asked will leave a rating
-- The average new client will book a second appoint ~30% of the time
-- Clients who rate their Cribcut appointment are nearly twice as likely to rebook as someone who does not
-- The lifetime value of a single loyal client on Cribcut is $1,541

Let me do the math for you:

… by simply asking each client to leave a rating, you stand to earn an extra $2,773.80

“And here is another reason the ratings are so important, after the client presses submit, they are prompted to rebook right away!”
-- M.G.


It is important to pre-book, because, as a business owner, you are taking active control over your life and your income; you are leading by example, showing your client you value their appearance in addition to maintaining specific organization as fits YOU and your client with mutual building.

“Pre-booking helps clients maintain their style as opposed to calling in at the last minute when they realize they can't stand their hair a second longer.”

“Pre-booking supports the stylist by respecting their busy schedule and guaranteeing an appointment time.”-D.H.

“During your appointment, talk to them about things you can do next time whether it’s something different with the cut, adding color or just changing the style.”
-- W.R.

The process of pre-booking should start long before your you start packing everything. And there are definite keys to leaving every appointment with your client already in your calendar for his or her next… what I’m saying is “don’t wing it!” Follow the process laid out in our CEO, David’s blog, How and Why to Pre-Book Clients.

“Don’t give the client date options, if you like to book 6 weeks out offer 6 weeks out to the exact date and time! A lot of the time options can be overwhelming so help the client in suggesting a time you have already seen works."
-- R.D.

“I find the two things that make or break pre-booking your client are: (1) Giving too many options on dates and times of pre-booking, or (2) not even asking!”
-- A.S.


So, you weren’t successful getting 100% of your clients to pre-book? Welcome to the club. But that’s no reason to be discouraged, and definitely not a reason to give up on the client. Here’s what I suggest you do if they don’t rebook, but you still believe that this is the type of client you’d like to work with ongoing: reach out with what you do know about them and use your strengths! Did you geek out about hair product together??? Send them a photo of a new product you’re in love with!!! Say in a super simple text: “Your hair would love this! Especially w/ crazy CO weather drying everyone out per usual!” (Use what you know! My Coloradans and dry climate folk: you get this example especially— all other climates: easily select a product for your climate!) When they respond positively, here you can gently and candidly remind them you’re getting very busy! Straight into: “so let’s schedule you RN!!!” HOME RUN. The best people have busy lives and cherish understanding, kind, and thoughtful reminders! Remember your intention throughout your communication (even when their response is delayed!) Are they your client?? Love them and help them help themselves——ahem..., YES! Pre-Book and make everyone’s life smooth sailing!

“Also another tid-bit is to give them your business card with all your social media info and ask them to follow your pages from more of your work and promos/sales you may have going on!” -M.G.

“While the client is in your chair, they’re on their phone anyway! Get them on your social media profiles, looking through YOUR portfolio, on THEIR phone! Have them follow you then and there! Cribcut is so awesome really because we are reaching people (mom’s—busy people!) who really need the service and can’t make extra time out of the home; we provide the service they need!”
-- A.B.


If you’re really in this for the long run with your clients - and you should be - then you should also give some thought to the things you can do today to set yourself up for success in the future… thinking beyond this appointment and the next. One of the overarching themes to succeeding here is to deliver joy. Think back to Marie Kondo… what are people getting rid of these days? Things that don’t spark joy. Don’t be one of those things!

Do ‘future-you’ a favor and take great notes for each client.

Did Richard have the cutest little puppies? Ask him what kind of treats they like (write it down), and make sure to never come back empty-handed.

Was Jennifer thinking about getting color done at home? Talk to her about her hesitations (write them down), and when you find a killer new product, like 5-Minute Balayage with a flat iron (no rinsing required for this balayage product!*), send her a text and let her know you were thinking of her and have an idea.

*don’t thank me, this gem was found by Christina our Executive Stylist in Texas!

Offer special rates or packages if you think it will help cement your relationship with the client.

“Before you start packing up your things after finishing your service, you can also give them a promo code for their next booking( I usually give between 10% and 20%).”
-- T.T.

Packages are becoming more popular among Cribcut stylists. One such example is the ‘Buy X, Get Y Free.’ If you’re finishing up another great blowout, and your first-time client is still raving about ‘I sure could get used to having someone come to my house and do my hair for me,’ hit them with: “A number of my clients book regular blowouts! Some are every Monday morning; AND...(dramatic pause-inside SCOOP alert!) I have a special package for that… buy 3 blowouts, and get 1 free. Wanna save time now and set that up?!" Who doesn't love saving time??? Bottle it up and please send some my way!

By now are you ready to throw a party for your 'future-you' and MAKE ALLL THE CHOICES???—one of my dear friends is always looking for simple ways she is able to say “thank you ‘Past Lizette’!” Too often you’re down on yourself for something you “should have”—let’s skip that step! You can CHOOSE! If it’s as simple as remembering your client loves your scalp massage—(reach out and rebook them for a Scalp Treatment- they’ll go WILD)! You’ll be overflowing with JOY in establishing new healthy client relationships with a par for excellence in customer satisfaction, personal fulfillment, and entrepreneurial business soaring far above expectations! Break into this new Cribcut Mobile Stylist Frontier with the ease of a genuine community right by your side; share your fellow stylists successes; post your insights!

LOVE is a most powerful F O R C E ! You can hear Obi Wan Kenobi now, I know it: "USE THE FORCE!" Client retention is as simple as: LOVE LOVE LOVE. Love You: Love Client: Love Working Hair Business. Smart business utilizes tools making life -not always easier- but many times more successful! GO FORTH!


Yours in (creating) beauty,

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