How to Convince Your Clients to Go Mobile

So, you’ve just joined Cribcut and are excited about taking this new step in your styling career. You’re ready to take control over your schedule and increase your earnings—but you aren’t sure whether your clients are ready, too.

What will they think of this new endeavor? How can you convince them to go mobile with you?

It may seem a little scary in the beginning, but the first step of any new adventure is always uncertain. To find out how to bring your clients along with you on this new journey, let’s first take a look at just how far you’ve come.

My Number-One Tip: Think About Client Loyalty


Do you remember when you first started your career as a stylist?

As a fresh-out-of-school hairstylist, you landed your first job at a booming salon. Maybe you had to switch places a few times before you found the right fit.

You started to get new clients daily, providing exceptional cutting and styling services and hopefully pre-booking each customer for their next visit.

Fast forward three years down the road...and all those clients you’ve been helping since you first became a stylist have continued to come back to you. You’ve had hundreds of conversations and completed hundreds of unique cuts, colors, and styles. You’ve built a real relationship with your clients—and they’ll do just about anything to have you keep doing their hair.

And that right there is exactly the point I want to make: Your clients are loyal to you, not a particular salon or brand.

This simple principle is what Cribcut is built upon, and we’ve seen it at work day in and day out for countless stylists across the region. It may seem too easy, but it really is true! And it’s exactly why you’ll be able to easily convince your clients to come with you on your new mobile styling journey.

Remember: they want you, not your salon. All you have to do is share what you’re doing!

Four More Tips to Convince Your Clients to Go Mobile


Even if you recognize that your clients are loyal to you, you may still feel some anxiety about the nuts and bolts of the transition. And that’s totally understandable! You’re beginning something entirely new, so you’re bound to have a few questions.

Based on my experience, I’d like to share a few tips on notifying your clients and convincing them to join you in your new mobile styling career.

1. Be ready before you leave the salon.

Unless you’ve built up a mass amount of trust with your employer, you’ll likely be escorted out of the building as soon as you give notice to your salon. They don’t want you taking your clientele with you.

To make sure you’re ready, be prepared well before you actually give notice. Write down each client’s name and phone number, and collect as much contact information from your clients as possible. You can also friend them on social media for another means of contact. After you’ve finished working at the salon, respectfully call your clients and explain to them the new business endeavour you're taking part in.

Important note: Some salons make stylists sign contracts saying they won't take clients if they leave. Before you do anything, check whether or not you’ve signed a contract like this. If you have, you may not want to directly reach out to your clients (by phone, for example). However, you could always make a post on Facebook or send a goodbye text informing them of your next steps.

We definitely aren’t encouraging you to break your contract, but it’s also not your fault if your clients find out what you’re doing and decide to follow you.

2. Know what to say.

When you call your clients (or make your announcement on social media), it’ll be important to share with them exactly what you’re doing—and why. Be sure to explain the key benefits of joining Cribcut as a mobile stylist:

  • Time savings: By traveling to your clients, you’ll be saving them time and money. Make sure they understand that you will still provide all of the same services, just delivered!

  • Working for yourself: Explain that your clients will be supporting you solely as a business owner and that the salon will no longer be taking half of your revenue. Most clients will be happy to know that their money is going directly to you.

  • More privacy: Your clients can feel more open about having conversations, and you won't have to worry about Sally in the back listening to your stories.

  • 100% clean-up: New clients often worry about the clean-up, so heed off any possible objections by explaining our guarantee of no hair left behind.

More important than any of these benefits, though, is the fact that your clients feel loyal to you. Once they understand what you’re doing and why, they’ll follow you wherever you go! The “convincing” part is really just a formality.

3. Be confident and open.

Most people don’t like change, and we get that. You form a routine, get used to it, and don’t want to mix things up. Knowing human nature, you shouldn’t hesitate to give your clients a little push. Many stylists are afraid to be open and honest with their clients—but this is exactly what you have to do! Let them know that this new venture is not only good for them but great for you as well.

When I first made the change to mobile styling, 80% of my clients came with me. Since working with Cribcut for one year, I’m back at full capacity.

4. Give some extra incentive.

For clients who were on the fence about the idea of transitioning to in-home or in-office hair services, I offered a discount on their first visit. They’d save some money to test out the service, which gave them that extra push they needed to try it.

And guess what? They haven't looked back since!

Why Wait? Start Preparing to Go Mobile Now


As mobile stylists with Cribcut, what we’re doing is definitely out of the norm in the hair industry. But we also know that once clients try our services, they’re almost guaranteed to love them. In fact, I haven’t had a single complaint since I transitioned.

Remember—your clients are coming to you for YOU, not the salon. Keep that simple fact in mind and confidently explain your new mobile styling venture, and we’re sure you’ll have clients who are just as happy in their homes and offices as they were in the salon!

Courtney Whynott

Courtney Whynott

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