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The Art of the 5-Star Review

How to achieve supernova status everytime.

You’ve heard it over and over: "What you give is what you get!" "Energy flows where attention goes." "Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today." But how often do your efforts truly pay out to the fullest extent of your dreams? How often do you experience that simplistic beauty when your energies and efforts result in realized dreams? Hmmm… maybe it’s not always a perfect system in practice... but then again, how often do you get a step-by-step process handed to you with a built-in support system. Well! Here, at Cribcut, we are breaking the mold, and we want to HELP. We are a team and if we are successful together: we are successful individually.

Five-star Ratings for each and every client, each and every time will accomplish this goal; amirite?!

Okay. How??

“Give a man a fish: feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish: feed him for a lifetime.”

The Cribcut team consists of many successful stylists, entrepreneurs from every sector, and big-hearted humanitarians. We all work relentlessly to understand the challenges of building a mobile hair business and - in turn - provide the best tools, enabling those of us behind the chair, to be the best Mobile Stylists we can be! The main idea here is that Cribcut builds the tools to help us build and grow our businesses, and leaves us to put our efforts into what we know and do the best; cutting, styling, and treating hair; teaching and consulting with our clients.; selling our services and our products (and who doesn’t love it when a transaction is seamless?)

Our co-founder Blair, succinctly explains how the Cribcut Rating System is specifically designed:

“At Cribcut, we’ve done a lot of user research, and what we’ve learned is that when someone books a hair service (especially in their home), they are interested in more than just how their hair will turn out; they want to understand the entire experience.

So we give our clients an opportunity to rate their stylist on five categories they care about the most:

(a) Punctuality,
(b) Communication,
(c) Friendliness,
(d) Clean Up, and
(e) the Hair Service

Educate yourself and your clientele on the Cribcut Rating System so you are able to explain how a good review establishes credibility for potential new clients, thereby, supporting your personal ‘why.’ The more you embrace the big picture the more your business is able to grow and thrive.

To establish firm foundations as Cribcut Mobile Stylists, here is a vital reference list with accompanying tips / jumpstart techniques. This list will help ensure that you build a stellar personal brand on Cribcut. Let’s talk about what you can control.


These points correlate directly with instilling positive reinforcement for our best working practices in achieving the Perfect 5-Star Rating for every single one of our clients as a collective team.


[Being On Time] (Confession: my BIGGEST challenge of all time.) Set the stage for your success—literally, set things out the night before (clothes, travel kit, etc.). Set alarms, reminders, ensure Notifications Settings for your apps, routinely check your phone, plan for traffic, and download a parking app.

[Work Ethic] Hard work is the new black! If you want your business in the black, it is! You’ll reap the rewards when your take-home pay increases due to the flood of clientele available and waiting to book you based on those 5-Star Ratings and Recommendations!

“A job worth doing is worth doing well.”


[Effort] Put in the time, hours, minutes, seconds—whatever your level looks like. Checking a status or simply “liking” a post requires a minimal amount of time. Instead of making excuses— make choices—choose to take a class on social media rather than be frustrated because computers are taking over and turning our brains to glue! Tame that fire, or flame it! But USE IT!!! Channel your efforts and your reward will be surreal—my personal experience with Cribcut is exactly so. * walks on air *

[Body Language]

“imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

The Basics: Imitating body language helps establish trust. By noticing discomfort and providing a solution you show your consideration for their well-being as a person in your life... not just as a paycheck.


Can I hear it for my ”Yay we’ve got a drink in a cup on this incredible day in this beautiful world?!” people?? (Never mind half empty/full cup nonsense!) Let’s be the ones that don’t even need coffee (but wait, like figuratively: please don’t ask me stop the coffee!) Let’s be present, overflowing with empathy and optimism fueling our positivity.

Maintaining momentum is key and with so much of our energy constantly projecting outwards to maintaining others’ needs — we are in urgent need of self care, awareness, physical attention, and inward-facing kindness. Recharging oneself in all realms of individuality is vital to being at the top of our game professionally. “All realms?” Physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual —continuing one’s education— expanding horizons promotes healthy stimulation for success as a human being as well as a savvy entrepreneurial business persona. Establish what works best for you and keep to your healthy routine.


[Doing Extra]

“I tried always to do better; saw always a little further; I tried to stretch myself.” - Audrey Hepburn

Many entrepreneurs and successful business strategies utilize a practice called, “Stretching.” The basic concept is, “if you reach for the moon, you’ll land among the stars!” At least if you go for it — you’ll have more blessings in your life and all around you. Think extraordinary; plan realistically; be flexible.

“If you reach for the moon, you’ll land among the stars!” - Norman Vincent Peale

[Being Prepared]
Anticipate add-ons; over-educate rather than keeping the client in the dark (key into body language); make certain you’re both comfortable. Keep in mind the thought, “If I don’t know myself: I can find out!” —need help? Have questions? Reach out! We’re here for you and there are many sources at your happy hunting disposal: all full to the brim with beta, encouragement, checklists, and resources to help you learn to teach yourself and others how to be joyful in life and in business with others. Maybe you have an experience yourself to share! Join in on the buzz— contribute your voice to our joyous chorale resonating in the delightful freedom this team brings.


Write down your “why” —write it out in black and white, gold and platinum, whatever strikes your fancy— make it legible and make it personal. Cling to it with every fiber of your being. Whatever you’ve written down, whatever makes you tick, whatever kick-starts your engine: rev it, gun it, hold tighter than you’ve ever hoped. Remember it. Live it. Breathe it. Put. It. On. Repeat. Otherwise… why are you here??? And if you need help with that… I can’t say it enough! Reach out! We can (and want to) help you!

[Being Coachable]
Is there any felicity in the world compared to being well versed in your art and profession?

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is the noblest; second by imitation, which is the easiest; and third, by experience which is the bitterest.” - Confucius

Let’s make it easy on ourselves! Learn wisdom in our craft and practice from our fellow Cribcut Mobile Stylists and imitate away! There is a plethora of communication channels available for the help to suit you exactly.

Let’s help each other find success is easy. Because honestly, success is easy when you make it easy on yourself. Trust your why, trust your passion, trust your commitment, trust your intelligence; B R E A T H E ; realize when you do fall short others work to lift you up and help you when they see you helping yourself. So, in turn, you may trust not just yourself: trust your newfound #instaclassic Cribcut community. Here you can trust your success is not only easily achievable but truly beyond anything you can imagine. So go forth, connect, post, snap, tweet, share, follow, like, comment, react, love, and INVOLVE YOURSELF. When you do, your ratings will climb, recommendations will soar, and you will be loving the lift of sharing personal success stories inspiring others to “follow.“

Yours in (creating) beauty,

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