How to Maximize Product Sales as a Mobile Stylist

One thing you might wonder about being a mobile stylist is how we deal with retail products and sales. This is a great question, and honestly, it’s one aspect in which going mobile has a clear advantage over traditional salon-based work.

Why, you might ask? Because working with Cribcut allows you to retail your favourite products to your clientele while keeping 100% of the revenue. Where you would only get a commission off of product sales from a salon, Cribcut helps you maximize your profits, leaving you with extra cash in your pocket immediately.

Of course, you’ll only benefit from this system if you can actually make the sales in the first place—so here are a few tips I’ve found helpful for optimizing product sales as a mobile stylist.

Retailing to Men


For all of my men’s cuts, I tend to use and retail Shiner Gold. I use this product on the majority of my male clientele and find it extremely easy to retail. It’s so great that it pretty much sells itself.

I actually keep extras of this product with me, carrying them along to every appointment. Having the product on hand guarantees me upfront cash without having to go to the beauty supplier and pick anything up. It also reduces the wait time for my clients to receive their wanted products, an extra convenience that busy professionals always appreciate

Retailing to Women


For my female clientele, I use an array of different products. In fact, I use so many that I don't carry extras on hand to retail. Here are just a few of the stand-out products that I carry around to women’s appointments:

During the hair service, I show my clients which products I’m using, and if they’re interested in purchasing any of the products, I’ll make a run to the beauty supplier and pick them up. Then I’ll drop them off during their next appointment or the next time I’m in their area.

When it comes to payment, it’s up to each individual stylist whether they want to take prepayment for the product or allow the client to pay when the product is delivered. Personally I prefer to take payment upon delivery of the product. Since clients can be indecisive and tend to change their minds, doing a straight purchase with product in hand leaves minimal room for error.

Marking up Products for Retail

One of the biggest questions that new mobile stylists have about retailing products is the markup. Because you get to keep 100% of the profit from your product sales, the markup you set will directly determine how much money goes into your pocket.

I usually mark up my products by 70%, which is competitive with salon pricing. You have the freedom to charge whatever you’d like for the products you sell, but in my experience, it's good to keep up with beauty industry standards to avoid any conflicts.

Here’s an example of my markup in action: If I purchase a product for $10.00, I’ll mark it up by 70% and then add tax. 10 X .7 = $17 X 1.15 = $19.55. So the final price charged to the client is $19.55.

Important note: As professional stylists, we should never tell our clients the price at which we purchase our products. After all, we did pay thousands of dollars to attend beauty school to be able to purchase items at the beauty supplier at such a good price.

General Tips on Selling Products to Clients


1. Build trust. As a mobile stylist, most of your clients are repeat clients. They completely trust you with their hair—not to mention the secrets they’ve shared about their lives, which you will take with you to the grave. You know the needs of your clients’ hair better than anyone else, so recommending what you think will improve their hair will be greatly appreciated, and 9 out of 10 times, they will take your advice. Speak the truth and sales will follow.

2. Choose products you believe in. Personally, I pick products that I use in my own hair and have made a noticeable difference. It's not hard to sell something if you believe in it!

3. Know your products. Pick a handful of products that you love and get to know them inside and out. After all, knowledge is power, and clients feel more comfortable buying products from someone who really understands them.

My Final Advice: Persistence Pays Off!

You’ve probably heard this phrase before: “Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy.”

And it’s definitely true for our clients! If you plant the seed into a client’s head that it's necessary for them to have a certain product, there is good chance that even if they didn't buy the product right away, they will come knocking for it later.

So don’t be discouraged if clients don’t automatically jump on your product suggestions the very first time. Just keep doing the awesome cutting and styling work that you always do, and keep recommending the products that you think will benefit them the most. Be persistent—never pushy—and you’ll likely see the pay-off.

Knowing that you’ll receive 100% of the profit is definitely some great motivation to get out there and sell your products, isn’t it? Good luck with those sales, and feel free to reach out if you have questions or tips to share!

Courtney Whynott

Courtney Whynott

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