Cribcut for Travellers

When I’m on the road, I often need a haircut. Whether it’s getting a trim for an important meeting, looking stylish in front of the camera, or just to freshen up, I always turn to Cribcut.


Such an important word. As a Travel Vlogger, I often put trust in the unknown. I go to places I’ve never been, visit attractions I know nothing about, and interact with strangers I’ve only just met along the way. This can be scary; that’s why I turn to companies I can trust - from the most expensive purchases (buying airline tickets) to the most simplest items (buying snacks for the day). Trust is a major component when we seek out a quality product or service.


If you’ve ever been to a new city, you likely know one of the most frustrating aspects can be looking for a particular business, restaurant or attraction - and just can’t find it. With Cribcut, you don’t have to worry about that. Finding parking, the location of the salon and simply hoping that you’ll get a quality hair stylist will no longer be a concern. With Cribcut, they come to you. They are fully licensed, professional and friendly. They are everything you want from a salon, without the hassle.

I encourage you to check them out next time you’re out exploring a new city. You won’t be disappointed. Need a blow-dry and style? Root touch-up? Or even a full-blown colour? Cribcut offers a wide range of services (all of the services you would find in a salon), in your “home away from home” - that can be a hotel, hostel, office - anywhere!

Want to check out some of the amazing places I’ve been? Click to see! Looking forward to seeing you on the next adventure!

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