Need to Round out Your Employee Perks? Consider In-Office Haircutting and Styling!

In 2015, a study conducted by Glassdoor showed that nearly 60% of people report employee perks and company benefits among their top considerations when accepting a job. And it's no surprise! As educated, qualified, and motivated applicants enter the workforce in greater numbers, companies have to compete to attract and retain top talent.

This ultra-competitive environment has led to the emergence of some serious—and in the eyes of some observers, ridiculous—employee perks: unlimited vacation time, annual travel stipends, on-site acupuncture services...and the list goes on. Yahoo Canada even took a company trip to the South Pole!

If you're a smaller or even mid-size company without the bottomless budget to support such huge staff perks, you might be wondering how you can possibly compete. But experienced HR specialists know that you don't have to spend a ton of money to provide the best employee benefits. You just have to show employees that they are valued.

At Cribcut, we know that company perks can be both affordable and effective because we've seen it in action through our Corporate Haircut Program! Read on to see why our on-site haircutting and styling service might just be the perfect addition to your employee perks program.

How In-Office Haircutting Services Can Enhance Your Employee Benefits Package


1. They’ll make life easier for your employees.

As you've surely heard a million times before, time is money—which is true for your employees not only at the office but also at home!

By partnering with Cribcut for in-office haircuts, you'll be saving your employees hours every month and helping them to achieve a more favorable work-life balance. Rather than wasting time driving to and from the salon, they can stay at the office to finish up projects or enjoy precious time at home with their kids. In fact, our travelling stylists can save each of your employees upwards of 12 hours a year.

Importantly, these time-saving benefits extend to both men and women, as Cribcut offers dry cutting and styling for everyone in the workplace. Women, especially working moms with little time to spare, are among our biggest fans! Our pricing is also gender-neutral to create the most inclusive environment possible.

2. They’ll promote employee wellness.

One of the more positive trends to emerge in workplace culture lately is a recognition of the importance of a balanced and happy workforce. Employees aren't robots—they are people with unique desires, backgrounds, and lives outside of the office. And they need to feel that both their personal and professional needs are being taken care of!

When incorporated into a holistic employee wellness plan, in-office haircuts can:

  • Help your employees relax and get “out of the zone" without having to physically leave the office
  • Create a more comfortable, relaxing, and personally supportive work environment
  • Allow your employees to look after themselves—without having to take time off or feel like they're prioritizing personal obligations over work
  • Demonstrate to your employees that you value self-care and overall wellbeing

A healthier and happier workforce pays dividends for you, too. People who take care of themselves feel better, and people who feel better are more likely to put their best foot forward at work.

3. They'll set you apart from other hiring companies.


In an age where company perks are always growing, even small businesses need to offer something to make themselves stand out. An in-office haircutting service is not only practical and helpful, but it's memorable as well.

We'll be honest here—an in-office hair service won't be the factor that pushes a candidate to accept your job offer. But it will be a powerful and low-cost tool to add to your competitive employee perks program. It's definitely a unique benefit to mention when hiring!

4. They’ll save you time, money, and HR manpower.

While some staff perks are a slam-dunk in the eyes of applicants, larger-than-life programs can be a significant drain on company resources. We're not only talking about money, either. Complicated employee benefits programs often come with administrative and personnel costs that are hard to recover.

With Cribcut, you won't have to worry about wasted time or money! Our service is not only one of the most affordable employee benefits, but it's also completely hassle-free to manage. All we need is a small space to work, and we'll take care of the rest, including:

  • Scheduling (via a convenient custom booking website for your employees)
  • All necessary haircutting equipment
  • Station setup and cleanup

We'll even work with you to determine the best payment structure for your company! You can choose to pay for the entire hair service or just a portion of it, or you can have your employees cover the full cost themselves. (The latter option is the most common and preferred among our current corporate partners. Note, too, that we offer a significant employee discount regardless of the payment plan you choose.)

Alana Burgess, Human Resources Coordinator at McInnis Cooper, sums up just how easy it was to incorporate Cribcut into their employee perk program: “From an administrative point of view, upfront, all I needed to do was choose the dates, times, book a boardroom and notify members. That’s it!”

5. They'll help maintain your polished and professional corporate image.

Beyond standard haircutting services, Cribcut is also the perfect staff perk for your firm's major events. Whether it's a company-wide meeting, a year-end holiday party, or a client-facing social, we'd be happy to provide day-of services to style and pamper your staff before your next big event.

Mobile cutting and styling is a great way to help your employees relax and feel confident going into a particularly important, high-pressure, or exciting event.

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Whether you represent a small business or the local branch of a multinational organization, Cribcut would love to add to your top employee benefits program with our convenient in-office hair services. If you're interested in joining our Corporate Haircut Program, don't hesitate to contact us today! We'd be happy to schedule a free consultation with you or your HR representatives to explain how the service works and what the next steps entail.

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