Starting My Journey as a Mobile Stylist

My name is Courtney Whynott, and in April 2017, I took a leap of a faith.

I left my comfortable position as a salon manager to become a Cribcut Mobile Stylist. Although I loved the people I worked for dearly, I was feeling complacent at the salon, and my employment role started to feel repetitive and mundane.

Even though I knew I wanted a change, the thought of starting my own company and working for myself was terrifying. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have thought twice about the opportunity to become a mobile hairdresser—eyes wide open, I would have jumped straight in with no hesitation.

Going Mobile: Why Becoming a Mobile Stylist Was the Best Choice I Could Have Made

With Alicia, one of my clients, who loves my mobile services so she can stay home with her young son.

Making the change to being a mobile stylist was an adjustment for me. I was used to the same routine daily and knew things would be drastically different. But I’m here to tell you it was the best decision I have ever made!

Here’s why:

1. I’m happy.

Cribcut has supported me fully on my journey, easing my mind and providing a sense of comfort through all the new and exciting challenges. There are an immense number of benefits to working for yourself through Cribcut, such as setting your own schedule, enjoying different environments daily, growing your social network and clientele...all whilst having a ton of fun.

I find myself blasting music, smiling, and laughing while driving from client to client. There is a genuine feeling of happiness radiating through me, a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I love my job.

2. My clients are happy.

Having fun with a client at his office

My clients adore the at-home and in-office service. They find it more personable, convenient, and a huge time saver.

“Everything was great. We started promptly on time and I was able to save time in my busy work day compared to the alternative of travelling to an off-site barbershop. Keep it coming!” - Michael Blades, Litigation Lawyer, Partner, McInnes Cooper

I’ll be honest and say that the thought of converting my salon clients to Cribcut was slightly unsettling. After all, they’ve been entering my environment for years, and now the role would be reversed and I’d be entering theirs. Looking back, though, that shouldn’t have even been a thought in my mind. If anything, going into my clients’ homes and offices has only made our stylist-to-client bond stronger than ever.

Cribcut has also driven new clients to me, and my client list is continually growing day by day.

3. I can offer the services that I want to offer.

When I first joined Cribcut, I started out with just cutting. I was in and out of the client’s place in under an hour and off to my next destination. Then I decided that maybe color could be an option—and wow, what a great idea!

The only downfall is we don’t have our convenient wash bays, so we’re required to use the clients’ sinks. In my experience, however, most clients don't mind at all and are just happy to have the at-home service. I keep an array of colors, toners, peroxides, and lightener in a kit bag to ensure I have all the tones I need to provide the right look for each client.

I personally provide a wide variety of at-home services, but it’s up to each individual mobile hair stylist as to what they feel comfortable doing.

4. I set my own prices—and make more money.

The view from one of my clients offices in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Just one of the perks of being mobile!

As a mobile hairdresser, I keep my prices similar to what I was charging my clients in the salon. Cribcut does have a base price point that stylists can choose to go off of if they'd like. I chose not to inflate my prices for the at-home and in-office service as I didn’t want to shock my clients, but it's up to each individual mobile stylist as to what they’d like to charge.

The best part of working with Cribcut is that you get to keep 100% of your profit—no more 50/50 commission split. You actually end up making more money at the end of the day. Cribcut also sets you up with a mobile app booking software similar to what’s used in a salon, making it easy to book and manage your at-home clients.

Speaking of business profits and expenses...another thing I was worried about when joining Cribcut was the wear and tear on my car, as driving around the city every day can rack up a ton of kilometers. If you’re anything like me, your car is your baby! Fortunately as a business owner, you can claim a percentage of your expenses like car repairs, business kilometers, oils changes, and gas. (In fact, these tax write-offs can actually end up benefiting you in the long run, but I’ll touch more on that in a different blog post.)

5. I have support from Cribcut if and when I need it.

Before joining Cribcut, safety was probably my number-one concern. After all, we’re entering strangers’ homes, and we’re in unfamiliar environments every single day. Not to fear, though—as mobile stylists, Cribcut’s got our backs.

Cribcut vets each and every client that books with you, and they know where you are and how long you’re supposed to be there. There’s even a check-in and check-out button to make sure you’ve arrived and exited the destination safely. If there are any indiscretions or concerns, Cribcut will reach out to you and take all necessary actions.

Although I honestly haven’t had any questionable experiences thus far, it's nice to know that the proper procedures are in place if anything were ever to arise.

So What’s Next? Continuing My Mobile Hair Styling Journey


As my mobile stylist journey continues, I’m ecstatic to see what’s in store next, both for me and Cribcut.

My clientele is almost full and with that, I’m starting to make more money from product sales and higher tips. All of which go to me, by the way! I’m not slowing down now, and every time I leave a client's home or office and they have a big smile on their face, I remember how much I love doing what I do. I couldn’t have done it without Cribcut and will be forever grateful for this opportunity!

When you join Cribcut, they provide you with the tools you need to succeed. You only pay a set monthly fee for the software, marketing, insurance, and support, and then all the profit is yours—no ifs, ands, or buts! Although working for yourself requires more responsibility, Cribcut makes owning your own business easier than ever.

It may sound like an exaggeration, but joining Cribcut was a truly life-changing decision for me. Being a mobile hair stylist gives me more flexibility, enjoyment, and profit from doing what I love to do. If you have any questions about how you can join or how Cribcut can benefit you, feel free to email me or check out our "go mobile" website with more information.

Courtney Whynott

Courtney Whynott

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