The Perfect Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first thing people see when they're looking to book an appointment - make your photo stand out, yet remain professional.


Hire a Professional

What's the best way to achieve that professional headhost? Hire a pro! They know all the best angles, poses and lighting to get you that perfect profile photo.

Check out your local professional photographer listings, or visit a headshoot booth like Iris Booth.

While these may cost money, you'll have high quality headshots you can use to years to come.


Ask a Friend to Snap a Shot

Have a blank wall and a person handy? Ask them to take a headshot!

  1. Put your phone camera to Portrait - you'll be amazed by the quality shot your phone can take.
    Portrait mode keeps the focus on you and blurs out the background
  2. Have the shot include your shoulders, but keep your bosom hidden.
  3. Stand against a blank wall (if possible) in good lighting. Natural lighting is best to avoid those unwanted yellow light tones and shadows. Play around with poses and angles until you find the most flattering for you.
  4. Smile! Look friendly and inviting - remember that these people are bringing you into their homes and offices.


Take a Professional Selfie

Ditch the duck face and produce your own professional looking headshot:

  1. Forget the bathroom, full-frontal mirror, and car selfies - while these are fine for your personal use, avoid these for professional headshots.
  2. Put your phone camera on Portrait mode.
  3. Use natural lighting - you'll be amazed with the lighting that the world produces (pro tip: early morning and early evening lighting is the best!)
  4. A tripod will be your best friend - you can pick up an inexpensive tripod that will make your life easier. Set a timer on your phone and presto!
  5. Angle the phone about 45 degrees up - you will thank me for this ;)
  6. Play around with different angles
  7. Have you ever heard of the turtle? Stick your neck out a bit (but don't over do it, otherwise you'll just look silly) - it will rid that double chin.

Some additional things to keep in mind...

When taking the perfect headshot, there are some 'other' things to make your photo that much better:

  • No hats or sunglasses (eyeglasses and religious garments are accepted)
  • Full face and top of shoulders
  • Good lighting
  • Not blurry
  • Only one person in the picture
  • Face is centered in the frame (keep in mind, your photo is posted in a circle on your Cribcut booking page!)