Who Can Benefit From Mobile Hair Services?

Here at Cribcut, some people love our mobile hair cutting service, and some people don't quite get it. And that's perfectly okay! Just like any business, we're not for everyone.

But after interacting with countless happy clients (including many who were on the fence at first), we've discovered something important: It's not that people don't like the idea of mobile hairstyling—it's that many aren't quite sure what mobile hairstyling is, or who the service is designed for.

And that's exactly why we're here today! We'd like to clear the air and describe just a few types of people who, from our experience, love getting their hair cut and styled at home or in the office.

12 Types of People Who Love Mobile Hairstylists

If you belong to one of the following groups of people, mobile hair services might just be the best thing to happen to you:

1. Business People


Everyone's heard the saying "time is money," and for most of us, it definitely holds true. No matter which industry you happen to be working in, you can surely appreciate the luxury of an extra hour or two each month—which is just what you'll get by having a mobile hairdresser come straight to your home or office.

With Cribcut, you’ll save time in more ways than one:

  • No fighting traffic to and from the salon
  • No endless searching for parking (and no money spent on it, either!)
  • No waiting in line for your stylist to finish up the last client
  • No time or mental energy wasted having to switch in and out of the “work zone”

Traveling hairstylists can be especially helpful for business people whose 9-to-5 schedule makes it difficult to get their haircut without taking time off from work.

2. People Who Work Odd Schedules

Interestingly enough, the opposite case also holds true: People who don't work the 9-to-5 can seriously benefit from a mobile hair service!

Maybe you work in an office that frequently stays late for conference calls with the opposite coast. Maybe you're in the service or hospitality industry and have to get your ZZZs in while the sun’s out. Whatever the case may be, those who work abnormal schedules can also have a tough time getting to the salon while it's open.

Beyond the convenience of having the stylist come to you (less travel time!), mobile hair salons also tend to offer more flexible hours.

3. Seniors

While some seniors enjoy getting dressed up for a day of pampering at the salon, others find the trip annoying, time-consuming, and sometimes even physically painful. For those who want the salon experience without the headache, why not schedule a convenient visit from a mobile hairdresser for seniors?

4. People With Scent Sensitivities


Another major benefit of a mobile hair service is the ability to request totally scent-free services. With a visit from Cribcut's mobile hairstylists, you can enjoy the same beautiful results without sitting in a cloud of floral hairspray or holding your nose to block out the pungent odors of other clients' hair dyes.

One of our customers, Dianne, is chemically sensitive, and she raves about our at-home hair services:

"I'm so grateful that you offer this service. I'm chemically sensitive, so going to a hair salon is impossible for me because of the strong smells. My stylist was a delight. Very professional and lovely to talk with. The case she brought with her has all her stuff, so it was efficient. I love that she used a hand vacuum to clean up the cut hair. I love that I can book an appointment online. So easy. And that you send a reminder email. All in all, a very pleasant experience all around."

5. Hospital Patients

Staying in the hospital for a long period of time is stressful enough, but many patients' experience is made much worse because they aren't able to take care of themselves like they normally would. In this case, something as simple as a fresh cut and style can make a world of difference. From the updated hairstyle to the friendly conversation, a haircut can bring a sense of normalcy and satisfaction back to a patient's life.

Because many health conditions and medical treatments cause increased sensitivity, hospital patients also tend to enjoy our scent-free services.

6. Visitors to the Area

You probably already have a favorite stylist or barber at home—but what if you aren't at home? Whether you're a summer vacationer or a regular business visitor, mobile hairdressers can keep you looking fresh on the go.

Attending important corporate meetings, taking wedding photos, visiting old friends…there's almost no out-of-town event that can't benefit from a quick touch-up from a travelling hairstylist. With Cribcut, you won't even have to leave your hotel room!

7. Corporate Staff

This one's similar to the business people we mentioned above, but with a slight twist. They're the staff of Cribcut's official corporate partners. In our first launch city, Halifax, these partners include:

  • McInnes Cooper
  • Deloitte
  • Admiral Insurance
  • NTT Data
  • and many more!

These in-office visits are some of our travelling hairdressers' favorite appointments. The companies love offering a helpful and low-maintenance office perk, and the staff members appreciate the convenience of getting their hair cut and styled without having to leave the office.

8. People With Disabilities

For people with limited mobility, social anxiety, or other forms of physical or cognitive disability, travelling to the salon can feel like an impossible task. This is especially true when the weather turns! As one of our clients, Andrew, says, "As a full-time wheelchair user, winter is not a good time to need to go out. Loving that Cribcut comes to me!"

9. Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads


Employees may be busy…but they have nothing on stay-at-home parents. In addition to the challenge of even finding the time to get to the salon or barbershop, busy moms and dads have to either figure out how to bring the kids along (and keep them entertained) or be willing to pay extra for a babysitter.

Instead of corralling rowdy kids into an inevitably stressful situation, have an at-home hairdresser come to you! You can stay in your comfy clothes, let the kids play with their favorite toys, and relax while you're getting your hair cut and styled.

10. Kids

If mom or dad is getting an at-home haircut, why not have the kids' hair done at the same time? Children may not care much about the haircut itself—but they will certainly be happy to avoid the dreaded hair salon. By having a travelling hairdresser come to your home, the experience will feel less like a punishment and more like an everyday occurrence. Which means there’s nothing to cry about and no tantrums to throw!

11. Entrepreneurs and Location-Independent Workers


Many people assume that if you work remotely or run your own business, things must be easy. After all, you run the show, and no one can tell you "no." You must be able to lounge around and do whatever you want all day, right?!

Although this is technically true, being your own boss often gives you less time to take care of personal matters—not more! That's why mobile hair salons can be a lifesaver. As one of our clients, Kyle, explains, "Cribcut is a no-brainer for a busy entrepreneur—you schedule the cut when it's convenient for you, add it to Google Cal, and your awesome stylist shows up and cuts your hair while you work."

12. Brides, Grooms, and Wedding Parties

Weddings are a joy to attend and even more of a joy to participate in. But as we all know, these memorable events are far from easy to pull off. Even after months of careful planning, something is sure to come up on the day of. Knowing just how busy you'll be—not only with the ceremony, reception, and photo shoots but also those last-minute emergencies—why not make things easier by planning to have your styling done right on site?

You shouldn’t have to run around town on your wedding day. Eliminate the stressful trip to the salon, and you'll give yourself more time to enjoy one of the most important days of your life.

Ready to Save Time and Stress? Schedule Your Cribcut Mobile Hair Service Today

These are just a few of the many types of clients we've built up over the last several months—but we certainly welcome everyone! Even if you don't fall into one of the categories listed above, we're sure that Cribcut's mobile hair cutting service can add value and convenience to your busy life. Contact us today to get all of your questions answered, or go ahead and schedule your at-home or in-office haircut through our quick online booking app!