Why You Should Be Using Social Media to Grow Your Mobile Styling Business

How many times a day do you find yourself browsing through Snapchat stories, scrolling through your Instagram feed, or reading Facebook updates from friends and family?

If you’re spending time on social media throughout the day, think about how often your clients are, too!

Even if it’s only a few minutes every day, those minutes can really add up—especially when you consider just how many people are out there browsing, ready to learn about you and your mobile styling services.

If you haven’t started using social media in your mobile hairstyling journey, it’s never too late to start! Here’s the why and the how of using social media to build your brand, reach new clients, and ultimately increase your profits.

Why Social Media Is So Important to Mobile Stylists


Worldwide, more than 3 billion people actively use social media, and most of them check their profiles at least once a day. With so many active users, social media platforms have become the go-to place for people to interact with friends, family, and brands.

Here’s why having a social media presence—whether on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or something else entirely—can be a game-changer for you as a mobile stylist:

1. It shows that you’re real. People are used to finding and interacting with brands on social media. If you don’t have a profile at all, you may be overlooked in favor of someone who does.

2. It builds trust. Oftentimes, people use social media to “vet” service providers—especially for someone as personal as a stylist. They’ll browse photos and read reviews on social media long before committing to pay for your product or service.

3. It lets you communicate with clients. If people have to call or email you to get their questions answered, many won’t! They’ll move onto someone else instead. Having a social media profile makes it easier for potential clients to reach out to you.

4. It allows you to reach more people with less effort. With an official social media presence, your happiest customers can tag you in those awesome before-and-afters—which is nothing but free advertising for you!

5. It keeps you top-of-mind. In the marketing world, “top-of-mind awareness” means that your brand is the first one that pops into consumers’ minds when they think of a product or service. When potential clients follow you on social media and continually see your mobile styling posts, you’ll be moving closer to this coveted top-of-mind position.

Tips for Engaging Your Social Media Community


One of the most important lessons to remember about social media for business is this: Just having a business page on Instagram or Facebook won’t do any good—you have to actually use it!

Check out the tips below to better engage your followers and turn your social media profile into a helpful, reliable, and professional resource for your clientele.

1. Share valuable content.

This may sound strange, but your social media profile isn’t really about your mobile styling business; it’s about your clients. You need to make sure that the text, photos, and videos you post are first and foremost beneficial to them.

Rather than post completely at random—whichever picture you happen to have, whatever caption comes to mind, whenever you feel like it—your business will benefit from a well-thought-out approach to social media marketing.

Here are some ideas for high-quality content to create and share with your community:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Before and afters
  • Announcements/updates
  • Tips and tricks
  • How-tos
  • Contests
  • Product/equipment reviews
  • Q&As
  • Interviews with clients or fellow mobile stylists
  • Testimonials
  • Sales and promotions
  • Insiders’ tips

2. Focus on video.

Speaking of valuable content… one of the best options for social media today is video. Studies have shown that people find videos up to 5x more engaging than photos.

Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories are especially great video options for mobile stylists, as you can show your followers your talent and personality in real time.

3. Interact with your community.

One of the most important differences between traditional marketing and social media is the fact that on social media, people can actually respond to you and your brand. They can share it, talk about it, ask questions, leave reviews… but they aren’t likely to engage with you unless you engage with them, too.

Not sure how to do that? Here are a few easy ways:

  • Thank every person who comments.

  • As often as possible, ask your commenters a follow-up question. What do you think about XYZ? What’s your favorite thing about XYZ?

  • Attract more viewers to comment chains by responding with videos, photos, emojis, or GIFs.

  • Quickly respond to all public and private inquiries. The more quickly you can respond, the better!

  • Directly ask for participation. Always ask a specific question or direct followers to comment, share, or book an appointment with you.

4. Be yourself.

Above all, your social media profile is a way to express yourself authentically and show who you are and what you do. Although you are using these tools to build brand awareness and advertise your services, the emphasis is really on nurturing a relationship with your clients.

Be friendly and approachable, and don’t be afraid to show your personality. Focus more on interacting with your community than “marketing” your business. After all, you got into this business because you love what you do and you’re good at it—so don’t be afraid to show your passion and your talent!

5. Take advantage of Cribcut’s social media presence.

Unlike mobile stylists who are out there completely on their own, you have a big advantage: As part of the Cribcut brand, you’ll automatically earn the trust and respect of clients. Why? Because we already have an established brand and social media presence!

You can tag us in your posts to add credibility as you build your own social media profiles. We’ll even promote your content on our official accounts to share your work and help you get more followers. The more hustle and effort you put into your social media, the more clients you’ll get and the more we can proudly share your success stories.

Check out Cribcut on Instagram to get ideas for your own account and see how social media can be used to complement and grow your mobile styling business.

Want to learn more about social media for business? At Cribcut, we provide professional resources and training materials to all of our mobile hairstylists—including a comprehensive guide to using Facebook and Instagram to reach new customers, interact with existing clientele, and ultimately grow your business. If you have any questions about your social media profiles or would like to find out more about becoming a successful business owner with Cribcut, contact us today!