Your First 30 Days: Success Plan

You've just begun on your journey as a Cribcut Mobile Stylist - Congratulations - Starting a business is no easy feat! With the help of Cribcut's Stylist Development Coach, Amber, you can follow her 30 day success plan to set yourself up for success!



Your WHY

You started your own business for a reason. Write that reason down in a book. Why is this important? First, your WHY is what will keep you working through the ups and downs, ie: to be your own boss and set your own hours, to spend more time with your family, to set an example for your kids, to create an impact that will leave a lasting impact, not only as a hair change, etc. Starting with your WHY will not only speak to you, but it will speak to your “audience” or potential clients! I recommend you watch this short video:


Create a Budget

Create a personal budget so you can set business goals that enhance your personal goals: Starting a business is a process, one that does not guarantee a specific amount of income each week. However, When you show up everyday with your goal in mind, you are setting your day on the right foot. Even if you don't have anything in your Cribcut schedule that day, you are starting the day with an intention to hit a goal, and putting in the effort in alternative ways to hit that goal (whether that's self promotion on social media, printing flyers, or handing out business cards). This habit is not easy to master, but if you can master it and maintain it, you are way ahead of most entrepreneurs who think they can just go into each day without a plan and hope that appointments and new clients fall into their laps. The best way to increase your odds of formulating a successful budget is to get "S.M.A.R.T."

The acronym "SMART" stands for:


“The number of hours you invest in your business will determine how quickly you grow” - Mary Christensen


Create your Launch List

This list will include the names of all the people who you feel comfortable reaching out to via call, text and social media about your new mobile business. This list should include anyone from family, friends, or old clients! Once you have the list written out, reach out to each of these people - here is an example of what it might sound like:

“ Hi Jessica, how are you?”

Then let them answer you.

Engage in two way back and forth. After this is finished then you tell them that you have started your own business.

“I've recently started my own mobile hair business because I want to be able to create a lifestyle where I can service my clientele in a way that not only is it convenient for them, but also allows me to have a schedule to spend more time with my family. I am excited because I partnered with a company called Cribcut, an incredible company that empowers and supports stylists to become independent business owners, through an online and mobile booking platform. I have all the tools I need to come to your house where I can provide you, your friends, and family with all of their hair needs. I am just starting to promote my business and I thought of you as someone I would to come and give a service to show you what I do. If I sent you my booking link along with a promo code, would you be willing to book a service with me this month?”


These top 3 things are your foundation. As you approach the second, third and fourth week of your business you will continue to remember your WHY. Also, your WHY can change as you progress, and that is okay! (even expected!) The important thing is that you have one and use it as the forefront of your promotion.

The same thing goes for your budget, ideally you are looking at this daily (even if just for 5 minutes) there is a saying “measure what you treasure” And who doesn’t treasure the goal of building a profitable income? Keeping track of this as you go along in your business will help keep you motivated as you see how the extra income improved your personal budget!

Lastly, your launch list! As you go, you will think of new people to add to it! Also, go through it again! There may have been people who said they would book and did not (that is ok - life gets busy!) reach back out to them and tell them you would love to see them! It might seem like you are bothering them, but trust, most people appreciate the lighthearted reminder!

During these first few weeks, as people start to book here is a checklist to remember:

  • Are you starting each day with your goal in mind?
  • What is your goal today?
  • Are you asking each Client for a five star review?
  • Are you taking before and after photos for Social media?
  • Are you asking your clients to post the pic on their social media and tag you in it?
  • Are you posting on your professional social media pages at least 4 times a week?
  • Are you reaching out to your lead referrals and social media followers to book?